Download Claymore Dual Miner 15.0 (Ethereum AMD/NVIDIA)

What's more annoying than miners buying up all the new cards? Buying up all the old cards!

I think it's both amazing and incredibly annoying that GPU stock issues have plagued the industry for this long. In the past we only had perhaps 2-3 months of availability issues due to mining farms expanding their operations. We all remember Polaris, don't we? The launch went well for two months, and then stocks got depleted as Polaris proved its mettle mining Ethereum. That time, it was only a three-month wait.
Heck, the HD7970/HD7950/R9 280/R9 280X shortage wasn't as crazy as this. It was bad, but without CUDAMiner in the mix NVIDIA's cards were still an option.
Today, we've had almost endless issues getting our rigs up and running. Polaris 20 has always had some kind of stock/pricing issue since it launched, and we've had a near-dry run of over nine months.
This becomes a bigger headache when you notice that even older GPUs are being snapped up because they're still viable.
How are we supposed to build rigs when even viable older cards get snapped up at their lower, second-hand prices, and then ROI in less than three months?
Amazing. And annoying.
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GTX 1080 20MH/s for LBRY mining

So then, I'm as you can probably guess, very new to the scene. Currently using my gaming computer to try out mining. However according to a gtx 1080 is supposed to get around 360MH/s for lbry, whilst I'm only getting 20.
I'm currently using the Cudaminer and dual-mining ethereum and lbry at same time. Getting 20Mh/s for ethereum which seems to be normal.
Using the Suprnova pool for lbry.
Maybe some of you know why I'm getting such low hashrates and perhaps have a solution I could use? I'd be glad to give more information if necessary.
Thanks in advance!
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In order to provide a more compelling alternative to all existing pools we have deployed several new features:
For people not familiar with the pool our main features are:
For more information visit
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How do I mine on NVidia/Cuda?

Edit: forgot to put in the title but on LINUX.
Every little bit helps right? I thought I would do a nice thing and try to support the segwit cause. So I googled for a litecoin gpu miner program, but I can't seem to find a miner that works on linux for nvidia/cuda drivers. The litecoin wiki points me to a cudamineccminer program on github that is years old under the "cbuchner1" github account. When I try to compile that (because it only provides windows binaries) nvcc spits out an error about not knowing how to malloc (wtf), a google search pointed me to a forum where some random person commented that that error was on an obsolete version and pointed people to a new github repo for a ccminer-lyra program (wtf?). That also does not compile on linux and I get hundreds of "error: expected a ;" errors.
Frankly this is turning into a bit of a joke. It took me less than 30 minutes to get up and running with full nodes and mining on both Ethereum and Monero. Meanwhile I can't even COMPILE the "recommended" litecoin cuda miner and I can't find any resources on the litecoin website. I've now wasted over an hour just trying to get a single miner working for my GPU.
I'm a Java and not a C dev, but I think I'm pretty competent. This whole mining client situation is a joke though. Can anyone shed some light on where I am going wrong?
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How to report issues on Genoil ethminer branch?

I reported an issue on webthree-umbrella because it is not possible to report a GitHub issue for the cudaminer-frontier fork. Are the two efforts coordinating so fixes in webthree-umbrella go to cudaminer-frontier, or so the NVidia/CUDA support in Genoil gets back to trunk?
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Am newb. Cudaminer fail to start.

C:\Users\The Machine\Downloads\cudaminer\eth_pp_ua-cudaminer\ethminer-cuda-0.9.41>ethminer -U -F[email protected][email protected]

Genoil's CUDA ethminer

Forked from Ported from Tim Hughes' OpenCL kernel With contributions from tpruvot and sp_
Please consider donating a tiny fraction of the extra performance to: ETH: 0xb9310b185455f863f526dab3d245809f6854b4d BTC: 1Nu2fMCEBjmnLzqb8qUJpKgq5RoEWFhNcW
Found suitable CUDA device [GeForce GTX 970] with 4294967296 bytes of GPU memory miner 23:49:12|main Getting work package... X 23:49:16|main Failed to submit hashrate. X 23:49:16|main Dynamic exception type: class jsonrpc::JsonRpcException std::exception::what: Exception -32700 : JSON_PARSE_ERROR: The JSON-Object is not JSON-Valid: Database Error
miner 23:49:16|main Grabbing DAG for #7c4fb8a5… i 23:49:18| Loading full DAG of seedhash: #3868abc5… miner 23:49:18|main Got work package: miner 23:49:18|main Header-hash: 9e66dd79cc5e9d016d84be47363739d52c2cb6782e4b49a21fa9f9f0890eb930 miner 23:49:18|main Seedhash: 7c4fb8a5d141973b69b521ce76b0dc50f0d2834d817c7f8310a6ab5becc6bb0c miner 23:49:18|main Target: 000000016e80fe033c8c643dd915716d418dd5d7fa3e60faad9c9cc5341318f8 i 23:49:18|cudaminer0 workLoop 0 #00000000… #7c4fb8a5… i 23:49:18|cudaminer0 Initialising miner... miner 23:49:18|main Mining on PoWhash #9e66dd79… : 0 H/s = 0 hashes / 0.515 s
At this point everything stops and Windows tells me the program stopped working, close. Any help would be amazing; I'm trying to see if my GPU is worth using for this at all and i'm very new to this. Thanks
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GPU Error Cannot Create DAG Claymore Miner Ethereum 6-GPU ... Ethereum Mining - How to create your Ethminer Batch File ... Cudo Miner Review, It's my Favourite now! - YouTube Cryptocurrency Mining Software Tutorial Series 3 - cudaminer for LiteCoin on Windowns 10 MSI GTX 1050 Ti OC mining nicehash, ethereum and zcash ...

ethminer. Ethereum miner with OpenCL, CUDA and stratum support. Ethminer is an Ethash GPU mining worker: with ethminer you can mine every coin which relies on an Ethash Proof of Work thus including Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Metaverse, Musicoin, Ellaism, Pirl, Expanse and others. This is the actively maintained version of ethminer. It originates from cpp-ethereum project (where GPU mining has ... Mine Ethereum on Windows machines using your gaming or work PC. Free proxy supports bypassing networking restrictions. Just provide wallet address and start mining with one click. Supports OpenCL and CUDA mining on Windows 10. WinEth is a GUI miner for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic (ETH and ETC). Cudo Miner will mine multiple coins and pay you in your chosen coin such as Ethereum, Bitcoin or another currency. The multi-miner technology automatically switches its mining process between coins based on the real-time profitability of the coin, maximising returns. [Edit 18.07.2016: Sous CUDAMiner, la commande farm-recheck n’est plus très utile. L’article est mis à ... ethminer is an OpenSource Ethereum GPU miner. It is actively maintained. Features. OpenCL mining (AMD + Nvidia) CUDA mining (Nvidia) Stratum and Getwork support with failover; Windows, Linux and osx support; Usage. ethminer is a command line program. You need to launch it either from a Windows command prompt or Linux console.

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GPU Error Cannot Create DAG Claymore Miner Ethereum 6-GPU ...

This is my third cryptocurrency mining software setup tutorial for how to setup cudaminer on Windows 10. In the video, I used Litecoin as a mining example, but the mining software is able to mine ... cudaminer bırakın o çalışsın siz para kazanın ... COMO MINERAR ETHEREUM (ETH) PELA GPU NA POOL NANOPOOL - SOFTWARE NANOMINER - Duration: 7:34. Minerando na Rede Recommended for you. How to setup your batch file to mine Ethereum. Ethereum Multi CPU / GPU Miner & sample Batch files Download: . Buy anything on Amazon U... Vídeo ensinando como minerar pela sua placa de vídeo / GPU, utilizando o programa cudaminer. Linha de Comando: cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp://ENDEREÇO_DE_MIN... Referral link Cudo Miner Initial Setup and review